September 27, 2021
"Brothers in Heart A friendship so complete"

Our Group

Mahinda College group of 05 is the alumni association comprising students who either joined the Mahinda College, Galle in the year 1992 or completed their school career in the year 2005.

Mahinda College 05 group was established in 2007, few years after the batch mates passed out from the school. And it was established in the same year as one of the key associates of Mahinda College Old Boys Association. It is one of the most active sub groups of Mahinda College Old Boys Association and we have been a helping hand for MCOBA in most of the financial as well as non financial projects. Mahinda 05 group contribution for MCOBA and school is tremendous since its inception by annually organizing events and support for ongoing development projects in the college at a large scale and in a highly effective manner.

Our Vision

To make the 2005 group into a harmonious brotherhood which will never fade.

Our Mission

To enhance the pride of Mahinda old boys as dutiful citizens while maintaining unity among the group, ensuring the trust entrusted upon us by the main Mahinda old boys association remains unblemished, helping the school any way possible to the maximum capability in a professional manner, being role models and a strength to current students, and being an example to all.

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